Women of Mars
Meet Ibtehal Fathy, Inclusion & Diversity Officer
Global Corporate, People & Organization (HR) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Claim to fame: Ibtehal spent 14 years in Industrial Engineering and Plant Management for Mars Wrigley. She has the experience and understands exactly what it takes for #WomenInScience to succeed. She has also become an advocate for mentorship and helped pilot a successful program to support the development of women in leadership for our Asia-Australia, Middle East & Africa region.

The struggle was real: “Over the years, women at Mars have had significant contributions to finance, medicine, R&D, engineering and more, and we need to celebrate and acknowledge that. Yet, women in science often face challenges with professional, personal and even cultural norms, especially when it comes to career advancement.”

Loves her job because: “I think it’s great we’re talking about women in sciences and how we support them at Mars. We’re becoming more in tune with how important it is to have the right mix in order to make quality decisions and to think beyond the obvious. Making the mix work is what inclusion is about. This is the zone where magic happens. It really matters how we show up as leaders and how we openly support and lead by example on inclusion and diversity.”

Memo to her younger self: “Stop trying to emulate male behavior — acting the same way, talking the same way — just to be included. Women offer different thought processes, skill sets, approaches and insights, valuable assets we shouldn’t give up to fit in. Be an original. Be who you really are.”

Women like Ibtehal are putting inclusion and diversity front and center at Mars and is one of so many strong #WomenOfMars we salute every day!

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